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The Monaco Grand Prix is held every year on the last weekend in May and is considered to be one of the most prestigious motorsport races in the world. The race is held on the nail-biting and narrow streets of Monaco; it has many tight corners as well as varied elevation which all build one of the most demanding tracks in the world. Monaco is not only about the Grand Prix. You have the glitz and glamour of our super yacht during the weekend which not only gives you a prime viewing location but enables you to experience hospitality in its finest form. Many A-list celebrities have this weekend carved into diaries on a yearly basis.

We are pleased to invite you to join us for our track side super yacht for a weekend of unforgettable enjoyment. Sample the fine food and premium champagnes we have on offer and watch the leading Formula One stars take on the Monaco track, from the comfort of our exclusive super yacht track side.


For a true VIP Monaco Grand Prix experience, it doesn’t get much better than staying on board a yacht over the weekend in the heart of the action in the lap of luxury. With the crew on hand throughout to look after your every need with food & drinks all included, there is no more memorable way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix.

During the days you can view all the racing from on board and disembark in the evenings to explore Monaco, have a dinner out & experience the Monaco nightlife or stay on board and take in the vibrant harbour atmosphere. When you wake in the morning; have breakfast on the deck and watch Monaco come to life before the day ahead.

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